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    IRRC Fragmit LLC is a Russian engineering company specializing in chemical water treatment and special water treatment for petrochemical, pulp and paper, energy, metallurgical, and many other industries.

    The mission of our company is the introduction of modern technologies for water purification and solutions used both in the construction of new facilities and in the modernization of old installations.

    We are also the official distributor of the LANXESS Deutschland GmbH chemical concern in the
    supply of Lewatit ion exchange resins and the official dealer of SUEZ Water Technologies &
    Solutions in the supply of SUEZ membrane elements, ZeeWeed ultrafiltration modules, ProFlex
    OO units, electrodialysis units for serum dimeneralization, as well as a partner of the
    AQSEPTENCE GROUP in the supply of equipment for dewatering and separation of media of the
    DIEMME trademark. Our company offers a full set of components for the maintenance and
    operation of these installations with on-site technical service.

    Ion exchange resins

    Water treatment

    The lack of clean water today has become the most pressing global problem of mankind, which has a serious impact on human health.

    Population growth, air pollution, water pollution, and global climate change continue to worsen the current situation, especially in metropolitan areas, where available clean water resources need to be carefully monitored.

    We offer a variety of products and solutions to meet the growing needs of people for clean drinking water free from harmful impurities.

    Reverse osmosis membranes

    Choose which water you need a solution for

    Solution for drinking water

    For tasks where complete desalination of water is required, rather than selective extraction of certain impurities, we offer SUEZ reverse osmotic membrane elements that allow obtaining desalinated water from low-quality water that meets the requirements of world drinking standards.

    Ultrafiltration modules



    UV modules and cassettes for the treatment of heavy industrial wastewater (MBR) or use in large municipal projects, as well as the preparation of drinking municipal water or tertiary wastewater treatment. The highest strength of reinforced fiber and flexible design.



    Series «GHT-P» with upper traverse

    Diemme® Filtration GHT-P series filter presses with an upper bridge beam for suspension of filter plates are equipped with a fully hydraulic drive of a pressure plate with four hydraulic cylinders. GHTP filter presses achieve high productivity with a high-speed plate handling system for cake discharge. The movement system is manufactured in two versions, like a carousel mechanism for alternate movement of plates or a system of simultaneous opening, such as “accordion”.

    – Used for high performance, short and medium filtration cycles.



    We provide services for the survey and collection of initial data necessary for the preparation of general technical solutions for the project – we examine and analyze the state of the existing water treatment and purification systems of the water used, take samples of source water and analyze it in our own laboratory, estimate the capital and operating costs of various solutions for the supplied tasks, selection of the optimal solution both in terms of economic and technological indicators, conducting pilot tests. We provide technical consulting services related to the development and preparation of the production process and ensuring the normal course of the production process and implementation of water treatment.


    Our company is ready to provide technical support and service by technicians who have been trained at the Manufacturing Plant and whose qualifications are confirmed by international certificates.

    To ensure the reliability and trouble-free operation of the equipment, we offer a full range of services: from installation and commissioning to full operational support, process optimization, and training, as well as the supply of original spare parts and consumables.

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